About us

My wish with Djuva is to make it easy for others, to help you.

Sincerely Jesper Raarup,
Founder of Djuva 

Our story

In February 2010 my brother suffered a sudden heart attack and collapsed in his home. His hero turned out to be his daughter Trine, who managed to perform CPR on Henrik until the ambulance arrived.

My brother was lucky and survived, and after a long tough battle he returned to life – thankfully!

Henrik’s story became the beginning of Djuva ID.

The incident had me reflect on my own life and ask myself the question: What should prevent the same thing from happening to me – maybe in a situation where I’m far from family and people who know me?

I love bringing my MTB to the woods with my friends, but what if I have an accident – or a heart attack like my brother? As far as I know, none of them know the phone numbers to my wife or kids. 

My solution was Djuva ID – an easy way of providing others with quick and precise information about identity, medical condition and who to contact in case of emergency. 

This applies if you’re active with sports, suffer from a chronic disease or you have taken the kids to an amusement park. 

My wish with Djuva is to make it easy for others, to help you. 

Sincerely Jesper Raarup,
Founder of Djuva 

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