Djuva – part of an active life

Accidents can happen to anyone

By wearing a Djuva ID you can help make a difference if something should happen to you. You provide yourself and your loved ones with a sense of inner calm, by knowing that others have access to information about who you are and who to contact, should you be unable to do so yourself.

With an ID bracelet your most important info is, quite literally, right at hand. Who you are and who you want notified in case of an emergency. It can happen whether you’re being active on your own or with others – how many of your friends knows the number to your partner, your kids or parents?

Djuva ID provides information in a quick and simple way, so that you and the ones who care about you can feel more at ease.

The emergency services will be provided with correct and vital information, and can therefore help you in the best way. When the rescuers arrive at the scene, they already know about potential allergies, conditions and so on.

Help others to help you!

Remember to wear ID –

Just In Case

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